Friday, December 18, 2015


Clever Cat Outsmarts Her Owners In Just 30 Seconds…

By Amber James

Nuala the cat just loves to look at the window to see the view of the yard and to watch the birds. When this clever cat saw her owner close the window shutters, the cat wasn’t too happy and decided to take matters into her own hand…err, paws!
“What can a kitty learn in less than 30 seconds? How to outsmart her humans,” the cat’s owner captioned theYouTube video.
The woman had closed the window shutters to keep the house cool, but Nuala had other ideas. The cat climbed up on the window sill and began to paw at the window. After several attempts, the clever cat manages to get the shutters open and makes herself at home by the window. Looks like she’s ready for some bird watching!
“Never seen her do this before, but she wants her view of the yard and sidewalk!” Nuala’s owner added.
“Nuala is a naughty, funny, sociable, curious people-cat who runs our lives. You can’t help but love her,” her Facebook page reads.
Nuala was a foster cat, but the family decided to keep her instead and give her a forever home!

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