Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Clever Cat Rings Bell For Treats…
Wait Til You See What Happens When His Human Runs Out Of Yummies!!!

Who says you can’t train a cat? Pfft! This clever guy knows too well how to get what he wants. Watching this was definitely my ticket to happy. A one way ticket, because you wants to come back from something this wonderful? I want to hang out with him fur-ever! And buy a matching shirt!

Thank you so much for your gifts from our Amazon wish list!!
Chance loves boxes!

Amazon often does not give us packing slips and never gives us your contact info so
we have no way to personally thank you.   Please know how grateful we are to you
for your gifts!!

Thank you Andrea for the gifts for the humans :)
Thank you Gabrielle Smith for the foods and toys!
Thank you Sally Vldean Lzuer for the toys!
Thank you Ellen Power for the Amazon gift card!

Cora loves her bed!

Thank you Jessica merchant for the revolution!
Thank you Sterling Harrison for all the foods and toys!
Thank you unknown person who sent all the food from chewy, WOW so much food!!
Thank you Nina Cartagena-Pruden for the food and toys!

Emma loves the toys!

Thank you Mehmet Varol for the food!
Thank you Chris Allbright for the food!
Thank you unnamed people for the food
Thank you Chris Allbright for the foods!

Sasha and Natalie loves the food everyone sent!

Thank you Maria Moir for the food!
Thank you Pamela Pierpont for all the foods!
Thank you Elisabeth Grimso for the freshsteps and toys!
Thank you Saher Behrooznia for the toys, treats and food!

Fred eating all the food he can get!

Thank you Donald Walker for the foods and toys!
Thank you Barbara O'Brien for the foods and toys!
Thank you Beerly Jean Miranda for the food!
Thank you Linda Rossiter for the food!

Tabatha loves all the gifts!

Thank you Gregg Koski for the food!
Thank you unnamed for all the foods!
Thank you Ken Cup for the freshstep!
Thank you Mary Ann Leketich for the foods!

Snicker and all the cats loves big fluffy beds!

Thank you Michelle Schmidt for the freshstep and paper towels!
Thank you Rosemary Brooks for the food!
Thank you Ekaterina Zholobova for the foods!
Thank you Sally Vldean Lzuer for the foods and paper towels!

Jellybean relaxing on the patio!

Thank you Myko Banks for  all the foods and toys!
Thank you Denise Gormley for all the foods!
Thank you Lisa Jane Guinchard for the toy and food!!
Thank you William Baptist for the food and scratch and rest!

Poppy loves to lay on the pet fusion!

Thank you Elizabeth Bucholc for all the food!
Thank you unnamed for the steel bowls. candy and foods!
Thank you Claudie Johnson for the fresh step!
Thank you Renee Helmer for the fresh step!

Carrot loves all the toys!

Thank you Shirley Kelly for the cat food!
Thank Renee Snyder for the cat food and toys!
Thank you Jaessa Reagan for the cat food!
Thank you George Morrison for the cat food!

Pepper loves to play!

Nina(blind) is smiling in hopes that you will please take a minute and click for the kitties! 
http://shopforyourcause.com/click-to-donate/donate?ctd=4 Thank you for helping!

Manxi(blind) says Please help Blind Cat Rescue Win for the cats! One vote per day, http://www.shelterchallenge.com/
Just put in the words blind cat and click search, when our shelter shows up, just click Vote!

500,000 pets DIE EVERY YEAR in house fires!http://blindcatrescue.org/fundraise.htm?/o2masks Many from smoke inhalation and could have been saved had the fire department had the right equipment. We want to help our fire department save lives. 210 trucks each with a mask that could help save a pets life! Will you please help us and donate now? Your kindness will help save a life! Please share ‪#‎lovecats‬‪#‎cat‬
We are buying them from http://www.yuckos.com/pet_oxygen_masks.htmand have already written them the check for $12,499 to purchase them.

You can make your very own fundraiser and help the cats too!

Do you like to shop or sell on ebay!  With the fast click on the link
You can easily help the cats.  Here is some cute ebay auctions.

When you shop at Amazon,  if you log in from  http://smile.amazon.com
and pick Blind Cat Rescue as your charity.  They will make a donation
from their foundation to the cats!  It costs you nothing extra :)

Do you walk or run? 
       If you pick Blind Cat Rescue as your charity,  every time you walk/run  they will donate to the cats!

Facebook is hiding much of our posts!!  To subscribe,  please
   just send an email to   join@blindcatrescue.com  and we will add you :)

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