Friday, July 3, 2015


Two Tiny Kittens Drink Water For The First Time

 (And You May Just Pass Out From A Cuteness Overdose!)

Two teeny, tiny brand new kittens experience water for the first time and it’s the most darling thing imaginable! Just look at those little mouths going to town! In unison! The little sounds are so precious! How can anyone not love this video? Or play it just once and not share it?! TOO MUCH CUTE!

Thank you so much for your gifts from our Amazon wish list!!

Chance and Snickers!

Amazon often does not give us packing slips and never gives us your contact info so
we have no way to personally thank you.   Please know how grateful we are to you
for your gifts!!

Brandy playing with the rainbow toy!

Thank you Dawna for the banana toy!
Thank you Dennis Esterline for the cat food and Toys!
Thank you Donald Scherzi for the scratchers!
Smudge and Mickey playing!

Thank you John Dale for the probiotics, toys and cat food!
Thank you Melina Iacovone for the probiotics and toys!
Thank you Unnamed for the cat food, litter, toys & DJ Kitty toys!

Pebbles playing with the DJ Kitty toy!

Cookie-Felv postive- asks, will you please take a minute and click for the kitties! 

Yoshi (blind) says Please help Blind Cat Rescue Win for the cats! One vote per day,
Just put in the words blind cat and click search, when our shelter shows up, just click Vote!

You can make your very own fundraiser and help the cats too!

Willow is giving a shout out to everyone that bought a I love Cats shirts!

Charity asks do you like to shop or sell on ebay!  With the fast click on the link
You can easily help the cats.  Here is some cute ebay auctions.

When you shop at Amazon,  if you log in from
and pick Blind Cat Rescue as your charity.  They will make a donation
from their foundation to the cats!  It costs you nothing extra :)

Do you walk or run? 
       If you pick Blind Cat Rescue as your charity,  every time you walk/run  they will donate to the cats!

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