Friday, March 20, 2015


15 Hilarious Sleeping Positions That Only

 Cats Can Pull Off!

Amazingly, cats spend about a third of their day sleeping and then spend the rest of it grooming. So, it’s really no surprise to find them in the most awkward, hilarious and acrobatic sleeping positions you’ll ever see. With all the possible sleeping position these cats can do, BuzzFeed has cleverly come up with a name for the top 15 most common sleeping positions! Positions highlighted in this video include things like the “Full contact spoon”, “Make it work”, “You want a present?”, and the “Stubby arm twist” However, our favorite of them all is the “Abstinence sit-up” and the “Fur pile!” But really, they’re all pretty darn cute – and some are down right crazy. Does your cat do any of the positions in this video?

Pretty crazy, huh? It’s amazing that they can even fall asleep in some of those positions! But maybe your cat isn’t a fan of any of those positions. 






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