Friday, January 2, 2015


Cat Whiskers
by Jill Anne Sparapany

Feline whiskers are specialized sensory hairs, also called vibrissae, on the cheeks, both sides of the muzzle, above the eyelid and on the wrists of the foreleg. The cat will have 8 to 12 muzzle whiskers, which are the longest of those on the face. Whiskers are two to three times thicker than ordinary hairs and are embedded three times deeper in the upper lip.


They have rich supplies of blood vessels and nerves for their very specialized functions in hunting and navigation at night. In darkness, the cat uses its whiskers to avoid objects by detecting the slightest change in air currents around objects so it can walk around them.

In hunting, whiskers are valuable sensory tools in providing information about the outline of the prey and the prey’s movements so the cat can bite in the right spot for quick kill. If whiskers are damaged, the cat will often bite in the wrong area and not kill the prey. Cats with intact whiskers can kill equally effectively at night as in daylight.

The foreleg whiskers assist in tree climbing and contact with prey.

Whiskers are the same width as the cat’s body which enables the cat to determine if a narrow space is wide enough to squeeze through.


The cat’s mood is expressed through its whiskers. If pulled back and flattened against the cheeks, the cat is angry or scared. Pointing down and slightly forward from the face indicates relaxation and happiness. When hunting or feeling aggressive, the whiskers point forward and are tense.

Cat whiskers should never be cut or trimmed! The cat will become disoriented, act dizzy and confused because it is not receiving essential navigation signals. Whiskers are shed from time to time and are replaced.

As the cat ages, the color of its whiskers changes. Cats do start going ‘gray with age’. 


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