Tuesday, November 18, 2014


A huge thank you to everyone that came and visited the cats this open house weekend!  We had visitors here for lots of days and the cats enjoyed you spending time with them :)   Here are just a few pictures :)

Glen and Scotty  and LOOK! Glen is awake :)

Rose with Scotty & Izzy

Jeramie and Meadow

A visitor with Pearl and Meadow

Jill with Sargent and Major

Meadow was not missing any laps :)

Treat Time!

Thank you to everyone that bought raffle tickets to help us spay/neuter 500 homeless cats!
You raised over $19,000 !!

Doing the drawing :)

And the winners are:

Trip to BCR 1344 Kerri Looney
Drinkwell fountain 2453 Mandy Irons
Scratching post 2954 Robert Santora
Cuddle Pod 2220 Kelly Torske
Giuseppe Cave 2033 Hazel Jaske
Cuddle cat cave 2155 Robert Sumner
cat tree 1245 Janet Palmer
Kindle Fire 1528 Nancy Crocket
Car bed 1100 Gary Lindsay
Karma Cube 2466 Eliz. Hawkins
Cat Carrier 2397 Ivonne Michaels
Pet paw bed 2373 Ivonne Michaels
Krazy can bed 2229 Mary Maher
Roku 1711 Lynn Bordlee Rump
Petfusion 1917 Roni Joseph
Scratch & Rest (5) 3164 Darline Bellows, 1146 Nancy SHerwood, 1127 Haley Tamuro 1467 Kelly Shedlock, 1004 Sharon Jackson
Lcocmotion toy 2028 Linda Lionetti
Hot Pursuit 1860 June Scott
Fleece blanket 1445 Dorothy Lewis
Fleece blanket 1697 veronica rocha
afghan 1963 Michelle Miller
Tunnels (30) 1302 Carol Martell, 2904 Parvin Faridian, 1436 Marilyn Rumschlag, 2638 Lance Snead, 1486 Lisa Wolak, 1425 Crystal Eastman, 1745 Marilyn Saunders, 2291 Sherry Huskinson, 1626 Pamela Borroum, 1739 Marilyn Saunders, 1466 Kelly Shedlock, 1799 Lisa Fisher, 2320 Ivonne Michaels, 3072 Sharon Rey-Bareaui, 2231 Curtis Lawson, 1367 Kerri Looney, 2068 Malissa Matheny, 3095 Nik Panos, 2611 Mary McGuinn, 1687 Lisa David, 1978 Helena Guest, 1967 Andrew Scriven, 1166 Keither Jansma, 3117 Pamela Simon, 2280 Rebecca Powell, 1366 Kerri Looney, 3086 Steven Booth, 1635 Arden Tomczak, 3132 Meghan Michael, 2240 Karen Ruthkowski

If you are a winner and have not heard from me,  please check your spam folders!!

Thank you so much to everyone for your generous gifts from our Amazon wish list!!

Amazon often does not put packing slips in the boxes and they never give us your contact info so we are not able to personally contact you to thank you.  Please know that we deeply appreciate your kindness and are very grateful to you for your support!

This list is from several days of boxes :)

April Opening Boxes Thursday night

Thank you Anne Scinco for the weazel ball
Thank you Patricia de la Bretonne for the crystal litter!
Thank you Gayle Blackham for the dishwashing soap!
Thank you Kelle Sheahan for the rug and cuddly cat cave!
Thank you Carol Boshears for the cat scratcher and stain remover!
Thank you Kathleen Clements for the rugs!!  

Rose helping with boxes Thursday Night

Thank you Kellee Sheahan for the foods, petfusion and towels!
Thank you Kathleen Clements for the cat litter, catnip, batteries and smartykat toys!
Thank you Christopher Tanner for the trashbags and laundry crystals!
Thank you Crystal David for the TP!
Thank you Ashley Yeager for the toys!
Thank you unnamed for the lysol!

Seth, Amber, Katherine & Romona doing boxes Friday night

Thank you unnamed for the food!
Thank you several unnamed for the beds!
Thank you Karen Brown for the piller!
Thank you Cynthia David for the piller, foods, toys, Q-tips, fortiflora,  and ear cleaner!

Glen & Ginny doing boxes Saturday night
Thank you Reese Sanders for the towels and food!
Thank you Randy Giuffrida for the laundry soap and food!
Thank you Autumn Heep for the all the trashbags, toys and bowls!

Tiffany helping with boxes on Monday Night

Thank you Kevin Carpenter for the piller!
Thank you Paul Hennick for the catnip!


Article written by Nomi Berger. Nomi is the best selling author of seven novels, one work of non-fiction, two volumes of poetry and hundreds of articles. She lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her adopted Maltese, Mini, and now devotes all of her time volunteering her writing skills to animal rescue organizations throughout Canada and the USA.

Imagine handing out treats and name tags at the front door of your home for your new cat and your resident pets. Imagine happy munches and friendly meows or woofs as they blend and bond instantly and forever.

Then blink twice and remember that you are living in the world of reality and not in an ideal parallel universe. But armed with a set of realistic expectations, your reality may ultimately be just as ideal.

Introducing your new cat to the pets already in your home is a process. To succeed, you must start with a plan and a promise – to yourself -- to be patient. The process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks (and in extreme cases, a few months).

To improve your chances of a happy blending of old and new, choose a cat as close as possible in temperament and activity level to the pets you already have. Cats and dogs are creatures of habit, and most dislike disruptions in their daily lives and routines.

Some dogs and cats are naturally more relaxed and more social than others. Some are more territorial and don't enjoy sharing at all. Unhappy with the arrival of a newcomer, they may demonstrate their disapproval by fighting with the “intruder” or by marking.  

Allow your new cat to adjust to you and his/her surroundings by keeping him/her in a separate room with his/her bed, litter box, food, water, toys and a scratching post for several days. Spend as much quality, comforting time with your new arrival as possible.

Maintain your other pets’ regular routines – from feeding and pottying to exercising, playing and together times – to reassure them that nothing has changed.

Since smells are of utmost importance to animals, get them used to each other’s scent as soon as possible. One way is through that most reliable standby: food. Feed your resident pets and your new cat on either side of the door to his/her room, encouraging them to associate something pleasurable with one another’s smell.

Once your new cat is using his/her litter box and eating regularly, walk him/her slowly through your home, room by room, allowing him/her to become familiar with its sights, sounds and smells. Keep your other pets in your cat’s room to allow your new cat a sense of safety and privacy while promoting a further exchange of scents between them. Repeat this several times a day for a few days.

Next, use two doorstoppers to keep the door to your new cat’s room propped open just enough for the animals to see each other. Repeat this several times a day for a few days.

BUT remember! Every time you leave your home, leave your new cat in his/her room with the door closed.

Hopefully, when you’re ready to make the “formal” introductions, your patience and your animals’ pre-preparations will have paid off. And they will not only recognize, but also start to accept one another by what they see and smell.    (NOTE FROM ALANA: DO NOT PUT THEM IN EACH OTHERS FACES!!!  Open the door when the house is quiet and allow them to naturally meet)

Armed with the tastiest treats and most tempting toys, you can expect sniffing and circling, approaching and walking away. A kind of ritual dance repeated again and again as each takes the other’s measure. Reward good behavior with praise and treats, but discourage bad behavior by promptly separating the offending parties and gently, but firmly correcting them.

Once again, patience is key. This too is a process, which may take time until the blending is successful and your family is calmly and contentedly one.

If, however, certain problems persist, speak to your vet or consult a recommended animal behaviorist.

Thank you to the wonderful people who share their auctions with the cats! 
 You may find lots of them at 

Here is an auction that is for adorable vintage Diorama ornaments.    The seller is sharing 25% of
the auction with the cats!!   Here is the link:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-3-Vintage-Diorama-3D-Ornaments-Snow-Scene-Deer-Snowman-Red-Bird-Mica-Snow-/251716649960?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0

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