Saturday, September 1, 2012

RIP Elle

Our darling Elle passed away today.  She came to us 18 months ago from the pound in horrible shape.  She had been trapped in a humane trap, was matted,  starving and had become blind from becoming hyperthyroid.   She also became very ill with a bad infection and was in liver failure.  To say the least,  she was not real fond of humans.  She had no reason to trust any of us.   The vet put in a feeding tube and with lots of antibiotics and milk thistle we were able to reverse the liver failure and fix the infection.    Once she knew that she was safe,  warm, dry and no longer hungry, she became a very loving cat.    With her death she took a big piece of our hearts,  she was a very special girl and we are so glad that we had the chance to be loved by her.  And she did love us as much as we loved her.   These pictures are to celebrate her life.

Having just arrived from the pound with Joan.

Safe and content on a soft bed.  

Just a random shot

Grabbing a meal...she knew she would never be hungry again.

Curled up in a bed

Getting scratches with  Valerie 

Another random shot  

2 days before her death with a feeding tube.

The staff spending some time with her saying their goodbyes,
we knew the time was coming that she was going to leave us

Our sweet angel.  You will be missed little girl.  We were so lucky to be loved by you!