Saturday, August 11, 2012

RIP Gabby

Today we lost another family member.  Gabby who was FELV+   we had taken her to the vet several days ago because she looked like she was not feeling good.  We discovered her blood count was 8.65 (normal is 30).   She had a blood transfusion and we crossed our fingers that it would kick start her system again.  Today it was very obvious that she was losing the fight, she was panting and having difficulty breathing.  We  rushed her to the emergency vet and held her as they euthanized her.  Leukemia had taken another one of our family.

She had come to us 13 months ago after being pulled from the pound by a rescue that had no place for an FELV+ cat.    She was a very quiet little girl that will be missed.

RIP little girl,  you will be missed by all that knew and loved you!!