contests new one to vote in

There is another new contest, I hope you will please vote for us,  $15,000 first prize :)

You can only vote 1 time per email address.  they do not make it the easiest to vote in either.
 Put in the zip code box  28384
 scroll down to Blind Cat Rescue and click,
 fill out the little form,  it sends the ballot to your email address,   you must click on your email to verify the email address is valid.
America's Favorite Animal Shelter Contest - help your animal shelter win $15,000 - vote today!

and animal rescue site   Vote one time every day
shelter name:  blind cat
state: NC
don't forget to fill in the letters on the next page

Please share!  Thank you so much for helping the cats!!!


  1. i wanted to vote,but my zipcode insnt valid :-( I live in Holland. such ashame.....


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