Friday, December 17, 2010

12/16/10 Visitors Day

What a day it was!  It was cold, rainy, icy. Our electricity went out about 11 am and did not come back on till 9 pm.  Even with all that our videographer Ted Fouke and 2 brave ladies (Delores & Jen) from the Raleigh area braved the weather to visit the cats.

Ted interviewing Delores

Chester decided that Greta was not going to be the only star of the video

Delores with a lap full of kitties,  Chester, Greta, Jamie

Little Angel

Jellybean is dreaming of sugar plums

Jay loving his new bed sent to him by his sponsor Mary Beth

Shelly had a chance to grab Jays bed and agrees, it is comfortable


Jen with Jay & Marge

Max decided to take a grooming break

Maggie getting hugs from Delores

Simon getting a hug from Jen

Delores with kitties

Jay & Keller getting attention