Tuesday, September 22, 2015


A interview by Snicker to Angel!


Hi, Snicker here, with another of my BCR resident interviews!  With the Popes visit to the US this week, I thought it would like to interview one of our angelic residents, the one who has been here as long as MomAlana.

I mean our Angel, of course! (Maybe the Pope should visit her, too!)

Thank you, Angel, for letting me interview you, today!


Youre welcome, Snicker!  Im happy you want to talk to me!  Believe me, us cats love you and these interviews - the cats that can see make sure that those of us who cant know what they say!  Sometimes a nice visitor volunteer or staff friend will read them to us!

I love sharing our stories so people know about us, the great place we live and that all cats are great cats!   I hear through the cat-nip vine that youve been here longer than anyone else.  Is that true?

Its true, Snicker!  I came here in early 2006 from a place called Florida.  My foster-dad was very generous and loved us, but there were too many of us in his house!  Besides me, there were six other kitties there - one of them was Maggie who also came with me to here.  Before that, though, we had to go back to the rescue were we started at.  That was very scary, especially for Maggie.  She had some problems seeing and had already lost her human friend before she turned one!  It made me sad and I tried to cheer her up.   When it was time for us to leave the shelter we werent sure where we were going or if wed be ok.

Were you happy when you realized where you were?  How was the adjustment when you and Maggie got to BCR?

Well, it was harder on Maggie than me.  I took a few days to figure out where I was and that I was safe.  I learned that I had friends in my room with me.   Now I love everyone in my room, which the staff calls Boones harem, whatever that means.  Boone is very big but sweet.  We all know that he will make sure were all safe from bugs and things like that.

Maggie didnt come with me to my room.  She stayed scared all the time so Mom Alana decided she could live in the lobby like you do, Snicker.  She did ok with that until she flew away from us a couple of years ago.  I know she was happy here, though.  I hear her meow in my dreams sometimes so I know shes alright where she is.

The people who come every day say that people can see my room with Boone on Fridays and visit with me when something called chat and boxes happen.  I like that because I get extra pets! 

Is chat and boxes that much fun?

Angel rubbing on the boxes!

YES I love it.  I like meeting the people who love and care for us.

Come to think of it, I remember some chat and boxes in my lobby, too!  Youre right, they are fun!

I heard Mom Alana telling someone about the people who extra love me and help me.  I only know their first names but Im waiting for Cat, Paul, John, Audrey and Nicole to come see me so I can extra love them back!  There were lots of people here in the last two days, so I purred  whole lot.  Didnt you, too?

You are too funny Angel.  I sure did!

Now that I feel the air getting cooler, I think I want to keep my beautiful fur long again.  Ill need some brushing, though! 
Baron and Snicker!

I agree with you!  I know Mr. Baron will give me a good long brush session, but if I want a Man-EE-cure, I think someone else will need to do it!

Youre funny too! Im happy we got to talk, Snicker!

Me, too, Angel.  I hope everyone will enjoy getting to know you better.  They can also read about you on what they call the BCR website!

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