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You know how it is: Your cat does those blinking, loving eyes. Pawing at you while you eat. If they could talk, they’d be complimenting your culinary skills.
‘I love the way you’ve combined the colours in your dish, there.’ Tiddles purrs.
You thank Tiddles. You are happy because you’ve been working hard on presentation recently. You’re so happy that Tiddles gets a nice juicy piece of chicken liver to himself.
‘I’d love to eat that,’ Tiddles paws the liver piece back along the floor toward you. ‘But the high amounts of vitamin A in this could well give me osteoporosis. Could I trouble you for some deli meat instead?’
‘You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow.’ You reply.
While the first bit of dialogue is, clearly, a very real and regular occurrence, cats will rarely turn away from what you consider a treat. This can be tricky, because, like humans, there are plenty of edible things that aren’t good for us. This infographic tells you which treats are good for them, which are not, and why.
We all know someone who feeds their cat leftovers. Share this infographic with them, so all the cats and humans can keep healthy and happy!
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Cats: Treats Vs Poison


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