Friday, October 17, 2014


Thank you for the gifts from our Amazon wish list!

Amazon never gives us your contact info,  they often do not give us packing slips.  Please forgive us for not personally contacting you and thanking you.    We are so grateful to you for your support!!

Thank you unnamed for the twist and shout mop!
Thank you Andrew Beggs for the drinkwell filter and carcoal!
Thank you Gayle Blackham for the pill poppers!
Thank you Hilary Beattie for the crinkle toys!
Thank you Matteo Beltrandi for the toys!
Thank you unnamed for the shark beds!

Thank you Richard Ayala for the cat litter!
Thank you Shirley Kelly for the paper towels,  toilet paper, floor cleaners, toys, lysol wipes, laundry crystals, urine cleaner, filter charcoal and trashbags!
Thank you Carey Rich for the cleaner!
Thank you Cheryl Johnson for the toy and cube!
Thank you Johnna Kolemba for the floor cleaner and food!
Thank you unnamed for the foods!

Product  Review

We have gotten the new Twist and shout mop.  Usually I run like heck from "seen on TV" products but this one is actually good.  :)  It has over 1000 reviews on Amazon at 4 1/2 stars.
We have found that it does a great job of wet moping the "special room".  Has a bucket with a wringer so you can mix up what ever cleaner you want to clean with.   It has a spinner to wring out your mop head so you never have to touch the water.  The mop head comes off to put in the washer.  It does a great job cleaning the floors!

You can also use it dry like a swifter for getting cob webs up high, etc because it is micro fiber.  It will replace your swiffer and save you money because you do not have to keep buy swiffer sheets.   Check it out,  read the reviews,  I think you will like it.    Here is the direct link:  

Do you walk or run?  The Droid app is finally ready.  If you pick Blind Cat Rescue as your charity,  every time you walk/run  they will donate to the cats!  (Just remember to hit start, I forgot this morning LOL) 

Thank you so much to all of our wonderful ebay sellers that share so generously with the cats
their auctions!  You may find them at

Here is a link for a beautiful porcelain cat,  would make a beautiful Christmas present!: