Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Product review on the pet fusion cat scratcher

  1. The cats really love to lay on them.
  2. Great as a scratcher.
  3. Easy to move so you can clean around and under.
  4. Great for the cats to lounge on during the day.
  5. Can flip over when one side looks really used.

  1. Down side can be expensive if they are rough on scratching.
  2. Can be messy from the cardboard coming off from extensive scratching.              
Simba relaxing on the fusion!

 Snicker chillin' out on the fusion!

Treasure all comfy on the fusion!

Candy trying to sleep on the fusion!

As you can see the cats really love these Karma Pet Fusions, they give it a paws up A+. Hahah

You can buy one for your cats to!!

Photo: Aren't these cute socks?!  Snicker on your feet :)  A great Christmas gift for your cat loving friends :)  and a fundraiser to help the cats!!   Please Share :)

Aren't these cute socks?! Snicker on your feet  A great Christmas gift for your cat loving friends  and a fundraiser to help the cats!! 

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