Thursday, August 7, 2014


                                                  Goodbye to Julia

“Happy trails to you, until we meet again.
Some trails are happy ones,
Others are blue.
It’s the way you ride the trail that counts,
Here’s a happy one for you.” ~Dale Evans
Six weeks have passed and I’m on my way heading back to Germany. Six weeks with lots of joyful, exciting, sad and crazy moments. I’m a student from Germany, in the middle of the foreign language secretary apprenticeship and part of this apprenticeship is a six week long internship. It was pretty difficult for me to get an internship, because I only wanted to work at an animal shelter, rescue or vet – abroad, of course. I’m not the typical kind of secretary-office person you’d imagine, I’m terrible at math and my definition of fun doesn’t include drinking coffee all day and sitting in front of Excel. I found BCR through Facebook (had no idea I would be working on Facebook most of the time, haha) and got in contact with Alana Miller. And well, I don’t know how it all happened but a month later I was all excited sitting in the airplane on my way to BCR…
My first day at BCR! The first cat I met back in the last days of June was Snicker and I totally understand why he is so famous, he is a handsome and wonderful baby, I’ll miss his smile and the way he tried to eat my shoes.

I remember the first question I had when I arrived after some trouble (my connecting flight from Charlotte to Fayetteville was cancelled and I had a nine hour flight and a six hour time difference, Alana had to pick me up in the middle of the night and we had to stay at a hotel, I didn’t get my bag, what an insane day!), one was if they have any little kittens and this was the day I met Charity. From that day on I spent hours in front of her crate, talking to her (we had some interesting conversations about cat nip and crinkle toys). And after a few weeks had passed, she got her eyes done and I was sitting with her in her new room “The Crazy Kitty Room” (of course!). She is doing so good, she will have a wonderful and very long life at BCR, with all the other crazy babies.

I was one of the crazy persons working on Facebook in the mornings; I think Alana wanted me to do that because I’m terrible at cleaning. And while everyone else was trying to get the rooms clean and chasing the cats that kept escaping the rooms, I was sitting there, Cora always on my lap, Gallie right next to me and Mack sleeping next to my computer. I took a zillion pictures of these three sweethearts.

The saddest moment was the fifth of July, the day that Waffle crossed the Rainbowbridge. I’m so glad that I had the chance to meet this wonderful cat, even though I didn’t have much time and it was one of my first days at BCR. He is gone but never forgotten. I have to do a presentation about BCR in school and I will definitely name Waffle.
Doing boxes was probably something I wasn't really keen on doing during the first weeks. I got used to it, even though I’m more of a quiet person and a silent writer. I met Christina, she is a crazy person and I’ll miss her so much, I loved doing boxes with her. Christina and me went to the mall a few days before I left…
Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to see much of North Carolina or America, which I have to do some day in future. I need a car next time, I didn't have to chance to do anything on my own, even the grocery store is too far away. I went to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science with Desiree and Colton, it was so much fun! Alana and I went to Wilmington one day and to the beach two times, we had a good time!

The days were flying by, I started missing my family and pets, which is just normal I think. It’s kind of funny that most people think I’m so weak and shy, but then again, do you think someone shy and weak would go to America for nearly two months on their own if they were that shy and quiet? – I bet not. ;)

Okay, there is one more thing I need to tell you, I love snakes. I mean, I’m fascinated by the way they are crawling around and in Germany we don’t have any snakes at all (blind worms don’t count!) so from the first day on I really wanted to see a snake, ha ha. A couple of days ago a white little snake appeared on the street, I was pretty excited! Too bad I couldn't get a picture of him. Well, that’s the snake-story, I also got stung by a hornet, but that’s not a nice story.
I’m really impressed by the size of everything in America, even in the grocery store. Everything is BIG. I mean, there are like 20 different types of Oreo cookies and Coke and the milk bottles are insanely big. I think I've gained a couple of pounds, which I’m not really happy about. And Taco Bell – oh god, Taco Bell. It tastes so good, thank god we don’t have them in Germany, I would be there all day long. We also don’t have Reese's Cups, they’re tasty!
The Jump was one day before I left, pretty stressful adventure, but I had the chance to meet so many lovely people. …..

One of the things I’ll really miss is taking pictures for you! I LOVED taking pictures, of every single cat. It was so much fun, because whenever I was looking for a special cat, it disappeared! I promise I’ll stay on the “Friends of Blind Cat Rescue” Facebook page (which all of you should really join).

Farewell! No words could explain how much I’ll miss the cats and BCR, and I hate goodbyes. I hope I’ll be able to travel a lot during the next years and who knows, maybe I’m coming back someday.
"There are no goodbyes for us.  Wherever you all are, you will always be in my heart."

- Mahatma Gandhi -

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Shirts are delivered 2 weeks from customink after closing so you should see them approx. 8/23   Please Like & Share

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