Monday, August 18, 2014


Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts from our Amazon wish list!!

This is from over several days

Thank you Alaci Troop for the food and toys,  gain, hot pursuit toy, food, turbo scratcher, hurricane cat toy, trixie cats and toys!
Thank you Amber Mostoller for the blankets and rainbows and for visiting this weekend!!
Thank you Angela Aslanska for the dishwashing foam, cleaning pads, trash bags,  gain and sink scrub!
Thank you Ann Street-Porter for the foods!
Thank you Belinda Cardillo for the big box of toys!
Thank you Carols Gonzalez for the food!
Thank you Christopher Hull for the food, towels, cleaning pads, trashbag, bowls and dishwashing soap!
Thank you Connie Colvin for the play cube!
Thank you Cynthia Kohl for the petfusion!
Thank you Dana Clewell for the petfusion!
Thank you Darlene Maxwell for the foods!
Thank you Eileen Honan for the foods and scratchers!
Thank you for unnamed for the toys, bowls, foods and litter!
Thank you Jennifer Golec DeAngelo for the scratch and rest!
Thank you Julie Bryan  for the scratch and rests, trash bags, freshstep and food!
Thank you Kandy Van Wagner for the toys and trashbags!
Thank you Laurel Barney for the foods, freshstep and toys!
Thank you Linda Ruiter for the scratch and rest and trashbags!
Thank you Michael Venaccio for the food!
Thank you Nallely Kalamaco for the trashbags and scratcher!
Thank you Nancy Fabian for the scratch and rests!
Thank you Patricia dela Bretonne for the scratch and rest!
Thank you Rebecca Maloney for the foods!
Thank you Ruan Peat for the toy and bowls!
Thank you Sarah Crothers for the trashbags, food and toys!
Thank you Shaun Nicolia for the floor cleaner and toys!
Thank you Stephanie Harmon for the floor cleaner, ear cleaner, toys, dryer sheets, bowls and play cube!
Thank you Terry Weidert for the cleaner, dryer sheets, shark steam mop and dishwashing foams!
Thank you Vince Sands for the foods!
Thank you Wendy McKiernan for the toys and food!

Thank you so much to everyone that came for open house!!  We deeply appreciate your sharing your time with us!!!!