Saturday, June 23, 2012

Abbey Update

This is Abbey,  she came to us from a local high kill animal shelter.  At 14 years of age, her family dropped her off saying they can't have pets where they live.  They also said she had lived her entire life with them. Lucky for her the shelter called us.

The day we brought her home from the pound
The day after her eye surgery
She became very very depressed (Who wouldn't after losing your home, your family, your friends,
 even the food that you eat every day)  She ended up with a feeding tube

                               A video of her being loved on and watch the surprise ending!!

After a lot of loving on her,  she started eating again,   she finally got the feeding tube removed!

Her favorite food in the world :)  It came from our amazon wish list 

Eating like a champ :)   We are going to crate her at night to make sure she continues
 eating for a  while longer,  but she is out all day.