Sunday, January 29, 2017


Cassie wants to thank everyone for the kitty goodies
that they sent last week. If you would like to
send something you can use the link
from our Amazon wish list below:

Thank you Paul Giannetta for the towels, rags and book!
Thank you Amanda Green for the treats and glass cleaner!
Thank you Diane for the food!
Thank you unnamed for the gift card!

Thank you Monica Kelly for the syringes!
Thank you Wendy Toal for the towels as a birthday gift for her son- Happy Birthday!!
Thank you Ashely for the laundry soaps and glass cleaner!

Thank you Stephanie Vogt for all the towels!
Thank you Jennifer Hededus for the amazon gift card!
Thank you George Thurmann for the litter!

Thank you Bob Wing & Martiza for the towels!
Thank you Patricia Abernathy for the bleach, towels and syringes!
Thank you Dena Kirkland for the Q-tips!
Thank you Merisa Freeman for the food and syringes!

Thank you Dana Fuller for the syringes and litter!
Thank you Patricia Hinten for the bleach and syringes!
Thank you Lucie Sarkisov for the syringes!
Thank you Dawn Naska for the foods!

Thank you Ashley Martinez for the medicine!
Thank you Richard Viano for the gift card!
Thank you Sunetra Banerjee for the food!
Thank you Carolann Curry & Kevin Hatfield for the bleach, food, and gloves!

Charity says thank you everyone . She went to also remind you
to please not forget to click daily for
Shop for your cause

We found  Bunny on the computer the other day.
She was looking up our Amazon wish list so she could
order some Tiki Cat. That is her favorite food. If you
would like you can send her some of her favorite food
from the link below:
Tiki Cat Food

Thank you to our supporters, sustainers, sponsors, donators,
the people that click in the daily click and our contests
and share our posts every day. Thank you to everyone
that watchs our tours and shares those too.
We understand many times money is tight. Maybe
you can not donate but by clicking on the daily click and
are contests you are helping so much. Also please share
our posts. Facebook only lets about 15 to 20% of our
posts go through to our fans. Many people say to us, I
don't see your posts but I am a fan. That is why because of the
way Facebook decides who sees what posts. So the more you like and
share, the better chance that people will see and that
is a big help. 

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