Saturday, August 29, 2015


Hey everyone !

Snicker here!  After a little time off and taking some writing and journalism classes, I am back with my interviews!

Today, I am pleased to interview Greta:

Snicker:    Hello Greta and thank you for talking with me.

Greta:  My pleasure Snicker and thank you, too.  You look really good - are you well now?

Snicker:  I am feeling great, Greta!  Everyone has been saying prayers for me and sending lots of love.

Can you tell me how you came to BCR?

Greta:   Well, my story starts in 2007.   I owe my life to Vicki, a very kind volunteer with the Horry County Shelter in South Carolina.  A lot of kitties that go there dont leave and I was scared.   She took me home to live with her  until she could find a home for me.  She loved me even though I was born blind and was really sick at the time with an upper respiratory infection.  I was so sick that she said I was at the top of the Bad List, whatever that means.  Vicki contacted Alana and asked if I could go live at BCR.  I am so happy she said yes and that there was room here for me!  When I remember Vicki I purr a lot.

Snicker:  Wow, thats amazing, Greta.  If youre like me, youve been very happy here at BCR!

Greta:  I am!  Alanas vet gave me an exam and gave me some medicine to make me feel better and made a world of difference for me.  I got well and got to know my roommates at BCR. 

I love to play and cuddle.

Snicker:   Do you have sponsors?

Greta:   I sure do!  I want to thank Jane, Maureen, Stephanie and John & Robin!  You all make me purr!!

Snicker:  I have to ask, what is that around your neck ?

Greta:  Well, Ive been feeling kind of bad lately and havent felt like eating.  This is a collar and feeding tube.  Kitty & Stephanie noticed right away when I stopped eating and told Alana and she took me to the vet.  Theyve been trying to figure out whats going on with me.  Until they do and I feel better so I'm eating on my own, but when I don't feel like eating Alana will feed me threw the feeding tube.

Snicker:  I hope you feel better soon, Greta, we all do.  Thanks for talking to me!

Greta:  Youre welcome, Snicker!  I love BCR and want to help Mom Alana and my other friends who come see me every day to tell everyone how great it is here for us kitties.

Written by Seth,  inspired by Snicker

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