Friday, June 19, 2015


I May Have Found My New Secretary ;-)

This is purr-fect. Seriously. The phone keeps ringing and since no one is answering it, the cat must do what she has to. LOL. The best is her expression when she’s done nudging the phone into position…and then politely leaves. HILARIOUS! I think she may have a future in tech support. What do you think?

Thank you so much for your gifts from our Amazon wish list!!

Glen and Ginny helping with boxes!!

Amazon often does not give us packing slips and never gives us your contact info so
we have no way to personally thank you.   Please know how grateful we are to you
for your gifts!!

Thank you Bethiah Watson for the cat food!
Thank you Christina Black for the cat food, toys & paper towels!
Thank you Donna Standridge for the cat food!
Thank you I Lee O'conner for the cat food & bath tissue!
Thank you Karen Baron for the catnip toys!

Popcorn playing on the sit and spin!

Thank you John Sorensen for the cat food!
Thank you Loretta Ora for the paper towels!
Thank you Renee McNeil for the cat toy!
Thank you Unnamed for the cat food, toys & litter!

Mack loves to play with the feather toys!

Pearl-FIV positve asks, will you please take a minute and click for the kitties! 

NEW CONTEST!  Fred- FIV postive-says Please help Blind Cat Rescue Win for the cats! One vote per day,
Just put in the words blind cat and click search, when our shelter shows up, just click Vote!

Simba (FIV positive) says shirts for sale! <3 4xl="" 5="" colors="" div="" http:="" iheartcats="" nbsp="" sizes="" to="""">
all net proceeds will go to our building fund to help more leukemia positive kitties like her.   Please Like & Share,  Thank you for helping!!  International shipping is available

You can make your very own fundraiser and help the cats too!

Do you like to shop or sell on ebay!  With the fast click on the link
You can easily help the cats.  Here is some cute ebay auctions.

When you shop at Amazon,  if you log in from
and pick Blind Cat Rescue as your charity.  They will make a donation
from their foundation to the cats!  It costs you nothing extra :)

Do you walk or run? 
       If you pick Blind Cat Rescue as your charity,  every time you walk/run  they will donate to the cats!'

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