Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Open House 9/18/2012

Thank you to everyone that came to our open house this month!!   Our next ones are  10/13 & 11/10  noon-4  both days.

Lynda sponsors Pixie

Jitterbug found a new friend :)

Alice & her husband with some of the cats

Lynda with Kiely.  Kiely has a feeding tube right now,
 she is doing much better and it will be removed in a few days

Carrie and her son with some of the cats

Fred & Domino snuggling

Staff & Volunteers having lunch break after cleaning before open house starts

Robin trying to get pictures of Scotty

Gina enjoying a snuggle

Katie also has a feeding tube.
She is doing better but not holding her weight on her own yet.  

Hope enjoying some attention

Kitty with Chester on her back

The cats enjoying some attention

Paul thinks Glenda's finger taste good

Vince brought Snicker a climber

Vince with Boone

Dolan woke up from his nap and found to his surprise, lots of cats :)

Diane with Felix and Glenda with Chester

Stevie with Diane.  Diane sponsors Stevie

Robin & Pixie

Joan & Pixie

Mickey snuggling

Dolan peaking through the screen door from the patio

Dolan peeking through the cat door