Saturday, March 19, 2011

Visitors Day 3/19

Thank you so much to all that joined us for visitors day today!  The cats loved the attention and we super appreciated you coming!!

We were very excited to say goodbye to Domino as he goes home with his new mom and dad  Gwen & Laura.  They had rescued him from the pound for us and had fallen in love with them.    After a few days of him being here with us, they called and asked if they could adopt him.  Little Domino just hit the lottery and got a fantastic home! We are thrilled for the little fellow.  We will miss him but are so very happy for him!

Jay getting head rubs

Jay found a lap

Jay getting chin rubs

Coconut getting brushed

Poppy Getting loved on

Teddie enjoying some brushing

Snicker found a friend

Angel & Molly getting some loving

Coconut getting a haircut from Valerie & Joan

Felix enjoying some attention

Jellybean being a sleepy baby with Valerie

Audrey loves the attention

Casper getting brushed

Angel getting brushed