Thank You! 10/19/20

Thank you so much for all the gifts from our Wish List!
Thank you Ione Brown for the cute beds and bleach!
Thank you Carolyn Frederick for the food and toys!
Thank you Christopher Scala for the food, toys and bleach!
Thank you Phyllis Terock for the food!
Thank you Dawn Minerick for the hammock tower, fish toys, treats and food!


Thank you Bhavana Pai for the food!
Thank you Pat Griser for the glass cleaner,  food  and syringes!
Thank you Sunetra Banerjee for all the food!
Thank you Aaron L  for the food, syringes and litter!
Thank you  Phyllis Terock for all the food!

 Thank you Jill Sparapany for all the food!
Thank you B McCombs for the bird food!
Thank you unnamed for the scratcher!
Thank you to several unnamed people for the food, litter, toys and syringes!

Thank you B. McCombs for the hammock tower and treats!
Thank you Perry & Family for the masks!
Thank you Kristy Bardwell for the cat litter!
Thank you De Sussy Richardon for the syringes!
Thank you Joanna Nunez for the catnip toys!
Thank you Gabby & Adam Lawson for the food!
Thank you in memory of Mr. Hamilton for the trash bags!



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